Andre has the gift to evaluate and understand the rider and horse from the moment they start their lesson. New riders benefit from his teaching as he works harmoniously with the combination while improving their communication. He provides key points and a strategical approach that helps improve specific issues in the training.

Given his extended experience in dressage and working equitation, as a judge as well as a trainer and competitor; Andre has a keen and professional eye that helps him spot better strategies for a warm-up, test riding in competition, training methods and problem solving.

Andre has been a clinician for 25 years. An experience that has allowed him to work with several types of horses. He has experience working with Iberian horses, Warmbloods, Friesians, TBs, Quarter-Horses in dressage, working equitation, jumping and 3-Day Eventing.

His clinics are available in different formats. The most common is a 2- or 3-day clinic where students have individual lessons. He also provides the Ride a Test clinic as well as Master Classes.

Andre is approachable and engages easily with the audience giving auditors the opportunity to ask questions and participate in the learning. He is happy to provide information and share with his audience his knowledge on the classical foundation of horse training as well as the basis of horses biomechanics and horse behavior.